08 June 2009

and we saved the best for last...

As we headed down to Jackson square, Hazel kept her party hat on for a good while! I thought it was cute and good training for her to keep things on her head:) They were part of the "insectarium's ant-iversay" celebration.
anyway, first up..."the statue and elijah." the statue wanted to take a picture with elijah, but he didn't really want to participate. Renee wouldn't even get out of the stroller.
until...they heard the word balloon! Elijah thinks he must have a balloon sword everytime we are there. I guess because he got one the very first time he was there and he just assumes that's what happens. So far, we have been successful on the trips that he really wants one!
But this time he not only got a sword, but also a sheath! He thought he was SO awesome!the statue told him to put his arms up, and he was happy to oblige.
and renee got a flower!
I mean seriously, do knights get any cuter or sweeter!?
We watched the Dragon Masters Showcase perform, and then headed to Café du Monde. A trip downtown is not complete without beignets--or so Renée thinks! Again, probably because she had them the first time she was there, but they were both SOOO happy because they got to do/get exactly what they wanted! They are definetly "living the dream!"
do you know how one would get so messy eating a beignet?
because he does this...
after he eats the beignets, he eats the "snowballs." He is definetly his mother's child, well actually both of them! They LOVE sugar. It may have something to do with the fact that I ate rainbow chip icing right out of the can while I was pregnant, but who could really know!?

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melanie, aka Mo said...

I am glad to see that you seem to be making the absolute most out of living in New Orleans. Beignets on a regular basis and visiting the silver statue dude. FUN.

I also MUST know how you get the cute borders on your blog. I neeeeeeed it! Really.

So, when are you coming home? Come in for the Shake! It is worth the trip.