13 July 2009


Ellie IS 2!!! This may have been my favorite party yet! The theme was nature and the colors were brown, green, orange, and turquoise! SOOO cute! I only made the stuff outside, but I thought the cake and plates were too cute not to share!

you know it's hot and humid outside when your pictures turn out like this! i heard that the heat index was 110!
now onto more cuteness...Melanie got these adorable birdcages, and they had to be filled!!
with cute bubbles and birds!
she also had these adorable rock vases! we were not straying from the theme!
and some paper "lanterns...."
buckets of candy!
and a super cute banner that said "happy 2nd birthday ellie sue"
this was the tree of favors...little owl necklaces that Melanie made, little owl clipies, and more stuffed birdies!
the 2 sisters...in matching dresses of course! Elijah was pretty much "busy" the whole time. there was a bouncer/obstacle course. He was dripping with sweat, but refused to stop and cool off.
The tiny one ended up in the walker and was loving it! she didn't really go anywhere, but I think she liked feeling like she could! Seriously, how cute is that owl!?
He finally came inside, and made himself right at home. He's used to everything princess, so it didn't even phase him to sit on the princess couch!

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The McDonalds said...

Seriously? SO cute. But we do have to consider the princess or dancing theme too