23 February 2012

the krewe of zoo!

The Krewe of Zoo is just as cute as my other favorite krewe...
the krewe of smocks from Sacred Heart

At their new school the Kindergarten kids make floats and dress as animals. An older child pulls them around then gym. Renée and Abby {above} were pullers. 

Elijah was a gator, of course! They went around the gym twice. He told me he wasn't going to throw it all the first time around, but he did. Then he just sat back and tried to hide behind his giant necklace that all the older kids were yelling for! Renée started picking up and throwing stuff that other people dropped.
Maybe if he hadn't tried to win over all the girls with his throws before the parade, he would have had enough...they all wanted that pink crown!
I ran out of glue. I should have gotten more and made the leaves go all the way to the top. It would have been much cooler. Don't worry. I've already started planning the float Hazel will ride in in three years :)

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