21 August 2008

i say hello to early mornings...

Renee has started school! yesterday (as in tuesday) was her first day (half went tues and half today for a half day) all the girls go tomorrow for an entire day! first i have to say she is SO excited, but i'm a little sad first because it's all day! (8-3) and it starts at 8am! although, i'm not alone with my early morning grogginess...yesterday started at 8:30 and apparently that 8am sunshine is just too bright for my little night owl!

tonight we started bedtime at 7, i don't think she was sleeping before 9! and they have pictures on the first day, so hopefully her little eyes won't be too purple! don't they realize that some of us have to get used to waking so early...? and i don't think a 45 min rest time is going to help much, but maybe she will start falling asleep sooner once the exaustion sets in...who knows?

i love their cute little uniforms, but now we have even fewer days to wear all of her cute outfits! i have already started to hide the ones i'm not so fond of, which happen to be the ones she always wants to wear, so that she must always wear one of her absoulte cutest when she has the chance! why is it that kids always pick the random pieces of clothing to be their favorite? for the past few days she has wanted to wear either her "tennis outfit" which is too small or something else that totally doesn't match!? her new closet has a rod on the bottom that she can reach. picking out her clothes has now reached a new level...anyway, renee likes the dresses too, but hates the fact that she must wear the matching bloomers! she has been on a bloomer revolt for the past 2 years...oh well, she'll deal! too bad her monogramed ones weren't ready in time for pictures--the uniform store sent them to baton rouge and they are still there! so much for the 2 week turnaround. everyone has to have their name monogramed on their collar, which i guess is actually so helpful! when i went to pick her up i was able to talk to her new friends and call them by name.

to celebrate her first full day of school, we decided to make treats! they looked so easy...i actually got the credit for making them for a birthday party, but if anyone saw these the truth would be known! i have decided to leaving all intense baking projects to erica--her first attempt turned out perfectly! these were actually supposed to be on a stick, but all but 4 fell through/off, but i think maybe having them on a plate has helped hide the ginormous flaws! i'm hoping that the rest of the little girls will be as easy to impress as renee...especially when it comes to treats!

and not to leave elijah out, here are few pictures from before the move...why did i think elijah+paint was a good idea? he busted the sqeezable black paint pen and then proceeded to paint with his hands...he didn't like the mess at first, but once he noticed the camera he thought it was fabulous! at which point he wanted to run around and be crazy, but was promptly put in the tub!


Rachel said...

I had to laugh about you and the early mornings. It just reminded me when I was your roommate and the job you got at the Cannon Center at that crazy early morning hour. I forget what time your shift started there?? Ha ha. Hopefully Renee will get used to the early mornings more and more each day.

I love that you are hiding the outfits of hers that you are not particularly fond of. That is great! I will have to keep that idea for when Eva gets older. Elijah is getting so big. He looks so much older in these pictures than the pictures you posted the last time.

Coila said...

How exciting for Renee! I can't believe you have a kindergardener! WEIRD!

Margaret said...

I can't believe that is her uniform. That is pretty cute for a uniform. Good luck with those early mornings.