11 November 2008

i &hearts sarah bareilles and aunt marion

aunt marion came down for the sarah bareillis concert and took me too...me, aunt marion, sarah and gerald all went. it was great...besides the rude girl who was standing next to me. she thought it necessary to try and push me over between the sets. i was not moving, but my legs were getting a little tired of the workout. finally, after 20 minutes i was like stop. she did, but remained standing on top of me...once sarah came out she stood behind her friend the whole time, but made sure to shove me on her way out...who does that? and to a pregnant person! i'm not usually one to use being pregnant as an excuse, but really! how rude! although, aunt marion may have had it worse! she had some girl practically leaning back in her arms, but that's another story!

anyway, we got to meet her afterwards...thanks to gerald leaving his pepper spray in the window that was blocked off during the show since it was right outside her bus. too bad the guy with her can't take a decent picture, but there we are! thanks aunt marion!


melanie, aka Mo said...

Ok, I am a dork. Don't know her! I will have to be looking out for her! Oh, and I cannot believe it is Christmas Eve due date. I think it is a girl and you should name her EVE! Elijah and Eve are CUTE ! Melanie

Anonymous said...

I made some invitations for young womens, and I thought about you the whole time and how I'll never be quite as crafty! (Don't tell anyone...but Renee was by far my favorite sunbeam!)