04 August 2009

beach pictures!

i wasn't sure if these pictures were ever going to happen...first the rain, then when i sat down to upload them off the camera something happened to the sd card and they disappeared! luckily, orum used his hacking skills and recovered them! 
this is elijah after he sat down for the wedding and spotted a  sailboat on the sand...it was all he could think about! i told him as soon as katy and jacob kissed he could go see it, and when they did he took off running!
i'm thinking that i might have to frame a few for his "boat room!"
this little one just wanted to eat the sand! anytime she saw sand, she tried to eat it.
such sweet sisters! elijah was too busy on the boat to stop for pictures
see the ever-growing hole in renee's mouth!? she lost her 3rd tooth! this time there was NO pulling involved. she pushed it out with her tounge. it was misplaced between falling out and bedtime, but the tooth fairy still came! 


Melisse Myers said...

Elijah looks so grown up! Love his new hair cut. We just got back from the beach too, and when we got back Carter was surprised with new pirate hat (from disneyland to replace his VERY worn one) and sword & Shield (from lego land) from grandma. Why does it seem like we are living the same life when i read your blog?ha ha

Melisse Myers said...

I got on your blog and Rob was sitting next to me, he looked over and says, "Is that Carter... he's dressed just like him."