14 February 2010

when the saints go marching in...

On Tuesday, the city had a victory parade for the Saints. And of course, we were there! Unfortunately, Orum had class! The law school just wanted to add a little more misery. The other universities closed at 1pm. Renée's school dismissed at noon. He and his classmates were probably the only people NOT there...I heard there were like 800,000 people there!

Orum's aunt and her friend drove in from Monroe {4hrs} and the family beside us drove from Nashville! {8hrs} We even found this guy sitting in the middle of the crowd! He was jamming out to "party in the mia"
And seiously, how cute are there 3 in sitting in the ladder! It was COLD--one of the coldest days of the winter! AND we waited for 2 hours for the parade to get to us! They were troopers, although I think it's going to be a while before Hazel wants to sit up there again! It was bedtime and she just wanted to sleep.
We usually bring the stroller for her, but I was alone. I only have 2 hands. I had already walked a mile {literally}--holding hazel, pulling the ladder, and trying to get the other 2 to stay close. Bringing the stroller too was not an option. My arm was sore for days. Luckily, they are easily made happy with food :)

Right behind these priests was the first float...Drew Brees was on it. I didn't get a picture because I was busy catching the beads that he threw right to me! Yes, it's true. I caught a pass from Brees. The Nashville people beside me went NUTS!

Each of the "super krewes" donated a float for the parade. Brees rode in on the Bacchus float--the parade that he is king of this year. The kickers rode in the muses' shoe. Hartley threw me a bead too:)
Then he, like Brees, got off the float and walked around the street to meet and greet! We weren't close enough to actually touch them, but it was fun to hear the crowd get so loud and crazy!
There were several more floats with players and cheerleaders and lots of marching bands. Shockey was on our side as well. When he came by some girl started climbing up the back of our ladder! {not ok}

The last float was the Orpheus train. Shawn Payton was at the front with his family pumping the trophy the whole way!
And last, but not least Gumbo. He often greats the girls at Renée's school on "black and gold" days!

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