20 March 2011

spa party!

Renée turned 7 earlier this month! CRAZY! I have a 7 year old!! And at the end of February--a whole month ago, she had a spa party with her school friends. I know that was long ago, but I also realized that I never posted Hazel's party from December {oops!...someday...}

Apparently, the girls are way into the spa! Someone is running a spa at recess--Renée says she works there sometimes. I think she is the masseuse. She gets paid in shells and leaves...only at an all-girls school. I love it:)
We had the same format as the art party last year--stations. This year we had bath salts and sleep masks at one table. I also found out that Renée is not the only one in her grade to actually sleep with a mask on! These girls are seriously hilarious!! They scooped the bath salts into little chiffon bags and then decorated the masks with felt stickers.

The next table was the "beauty bar." They made a headband, got tattoos, and stick-on earrings--all of the essentials!
One of my favorite things was this long garland and medallions hanging on the fence behind the tables!The next table was the nail station--luckily the following day was a holiday for the girls so they did not have to go home and immediately take all the polish off! We had flip flops for them to wear after their pedicures, and one of the moms did nail art. They LOVED it!
I think the funniest station was the face masks! They did cucumbers and yogurt...the girls either loved it or thought it was gross. Renée was in the later group. She did not even want to get near it! There were lots of squeals and laughter coming from these two chairs!
The cute birthday girls! In their matching shirts and hats! I added "diamonds" to the shirts...they thought that they were SOOO fancy :)
Happy Birthday Girls!!


cari runia said...

LOVE it! Once again, you are amazing! And once again, I just wish we lived near each other... oh the parties we would do!!
Hope you are having a great spring... its snowing here in utah today!

melanie, aka Mo said...

I can't wait til you move home! My kids will have the BEST parties, and you will have the BEST assistant!!