15 September 2008

campaign 2008

the campaign is in full force at our house...that is for 1L SBA rep

orum is running, so that makes me the official campaign manager. since there are only 2 days of actual campaigning we pulled out all the stops...yesterday i baked, baged, and labeled 250 cookies! it was a lot of cookies! i also made a couple of t-shirts and then tonight i put labels on the candy. not to mention all the flyers...here's some of the stuff. 12 are in the running and 3 are chosen..he'd better win!

renee also got to bring "ducky" home today--she is their class mascott. each of the 3 classes have an animal mascott...duck, frog and turtle. her favorite animal as a baby was actually a duck, so that has been fun for her.
ducky probably had her best day ever! when she got to our house she was entertained the entire day! ducky, elijah, and renee played tag, princesses, and dress-up. she even got to watch the new ariel movie! renee made sure to keep her dressed and warm! she and ducky are currently sleeping in matching gowns! who knew ducky could be so much fun!? she was so excited to have ducky that she wrote a happygram for ducky to take to her teacher!


Margaret said...

Holy cow Bre. If I ever run for office I know who I'm calling. Let us know how the campaign goes.
I would vote for Orum!

melanie, aka Mo said...

hey ol buddy. glad to see you also survived ike. and i survived in-laws! we had a nice weekend. i need to forward u the proposed new interior/exterior of our house plans. todd and i both actually like it. amazing! i gave up art room space to give both of my girls their own personal play spaces in their bedrooms. it rox! i need to come visit and christmas shop in nola. mel