28 September 2008

Birthday party marathon...

we started the weekend off with a party at audubon park for a little girl at church. the kids had lots of fun...and avoided all things dangerous including elijah climbing up the metal ladder on the 5-12 year old playground, sliding down the twistly pole, and sliding with suckers. oh wait! they did all those dangerous things...well they lived to tell the tale! elijah also decided to initate a water fight with his new friend. cooper just wanted to spary the sign, and elijah just wanted to spray cooper! luckily for cooper he can run faster than elijah!

on saturday we had back to back princess parties at city party for 5 little girls are renee's school. the first was for 3 of them. they had it at the carousel and asked everyone to dress as their favorite princess. renee can still fit into her 2T snow white dress that she wore for halloween when she was 2. snow white was actually a popluar princess along with tinerbell, who is not even a princess! but i have to say we had the cutest snow white dress! they also had a lady paiting faces! the girls had so much fun! the carousel is actually inside its own little round building, so they all ran around inside, rode the carousel, and had their faces painted!

renee and catherine...renee playing with the glitter on her wings while they were waiting in line to have their face painted. why is glitter so facinating? then sloane, renee and madeline on the carousel bench.

renee sat very still while the lady painted her face...she knew right away that she wanted her face to be a butterfly! she was VERY pleased with the result! and she even put glitter on it! how did she know?

the second party for the other 2 girls was at storybook land in the same park...i have to say this is the best park ever! there were lots of different rides at the amusement park part, and then this part was just where you can run around and play. by this point, renee was way over pictures! she demanded that i stop, but i did manage to sneak a few...Cinderella even made an appearance at this party. although, she was kind of lame! at Dinseyworld she is much more interactive...this one could have used a little training! i was afraid that someone would tell renee she wasn't the real one, but i never heard it. hopefully, it won't get around at school tomorrow! we're going to disneyworld for new year's and that would take away so much magic!

to finish the weekend, we had one more party for a little boy at church (cooper's brother). he turned one, and dug into his cake! i don't have any cute pictures becuase i left my sd card at home. the parties were fun. the kids loved them, but i am happy to have a break from all the parties! even if it is only for a few weeks before the halloween ones start!

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