09 October 2008

what's cool in PreK?

HEADBANDS...our bow wearing days may soon be over if Renee has her say!

I held out as long as possible, but finally gave it. She asked for a headband in her hair every morning for the first few weeks of school. I do have my limits...we will not be wearing any of those cheap hideous looking headbands. We all know how that turns out...those are also usually the ones that hurt behind your ears and then lead to a headache anyway.

I decided to make her one out ric-rac. It was so cute and defintely wouldn't be hurting! She was very exctied--keep in mind these pictures were taken before 8 am, so the excitement hadn't kicked in yet! She wore it for a few days. She then decided she wanted to wear it with her ponytail...i told her no, that it would look funny...there's a little piece of white elastic in the back. Her response: "well olivia does and that's because she bought hers at the store." What?! not only have the friend battles started, but now everything has to come from the store!? CRAZY i say!

Earlier this week she got a pink rhinestone one from the bookfair at school, and won't wear this cute red one anymore, maybe i'll have to make it in pink. Apparently, Renee got the last pink rhinestone one and she has been using this to her benefit...she traded headbands with a little girl today. Let's hope it makes it back...she's so trusting and would be devastated if it never did!


Rachel said...

Very cute. You are always so creative. And I completely agree with you--those headbands from the store hurt! This one looks very comfy. Hopefully she gets her headband back--kids are so much more trusting than adults.

melanie, aka Mo said...

ok, now don't deprive your child store bought items for the sake of your creatve expression!! just kidding. sitting here reeeallly still with a sleeping gabbi on my shoulder.

LisaJ said...

I can't believe it's starting so early!! You daughter is so adorable, I would think that everyone would want to be friends with her and everyone would want to wear what SHE'S wearing!! She is SO cute! Hang in there!