15 October 2008

a trip downtown

since orum gets out of class at lunch on fridays, we've been taking advantage of this free time. a few weeks ago we decided to go downtown and eat...well, this week we decided to do the same, but opted to take the street car. (although i never call it the street car...the kids call it the trolley or the choo-choo train, but that really irritates the locals...)

well, it was fun and elijah enjoyed the ride.

we got downtown, ate, and headed back to get renee from school. only to find that the trolley going down st. charles had no power. we talked to one of the trolley drivers and he said he didn't know how long it would be. sometimes it's 10 minutes and sometimes it's a couple of hours. our options: wait for the power or walk a few miles to the bus stop that would take us back to uptown. orum was determined that it wouldn't be long...well, an hour and a half later the trolleys still had no power.

they finally sent a bus to get the people waiting for the trolley. we got on and elijah went right to sleep (good thing). a mile down the road they made everybody get off (bad thing)--the power was back up. not wanting to wait i started walking to renee's school...orum used the gps on his phone and counted that it was 22 blocks away...after 15 minutes of walking we finally saw the trolley and hoped back on.

thank goodness for after-school care! we were an hour late getting renee! i think we'll take the car next time...i woke up with a stomach virus early saturday morning. it had to have been from all that public transportation! i also think i've earned the right to call it a trolley if i want to...
now some pictures from the the trip downtown a few weeks ago at Café du Monde

baby's first beignets...he loved them! and i guess i should stop calling him a baby...he is 2!

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