17 January 2009

hey sister...wanna play?

Since it's just these 2 at home all day...elijah decided he was excited about having a playmate at home! he got a little carried away with the toys! (he also dresses himself--his pants are inside out, and his shirt is inside out and upside down!)


melanie, aka Mo said...

Awww. that is special. Wait til he starts helping her eat! or better yet, like Ellie did tonight, "Brushing her teeth". POOR, POOR Gabbi! She gagged and choked, and thank God we got to her. You would be proud of my giveaway pile! HUGE. I can hardly stand this house! My closet and both girls... Goodbye! Do you need any more burp cloths? Melanie

JAM said...

she is gorgeous!! You have beautiful children. I wish you were in Utah so we could hang out and elijah and miles could be buddies.