30 January 2009

things we learned from mo...

mo says that sink baths are the best...
and she was right! Hazel LOVES to bathe in the sink! we've tested the tub a time or two when the sink was full of dishes, but the bathroom is cold and not as cozy as the sink! she could hang out in the sink all day!

i was finally able to get pictures of our sink baths yesterday when orum ran home for lunch. the pictures look deceiving, but she loves the water so much that she tries to go under...notice the tongue searching for water!

after her bath i was going to take some pictures of hazel with her clear face...no thanks to the doctor, but to the acne cream i bought at Walgreen's! I'll have to gather some before and after pictures! the doctor did not understand the severity of "no clear patch of skin" on the poor girl's face! Elijah decided that he would instead introduce her to some sensory therapy...i used the brush for her hair. Elijah used it for her body...she amused him and let him do his thing!

Last year Elijah went to physical therapy for in-toeing and mo did some other stuff with him--including "brushing" He now brushes himself and hazel. I was amazed that he still remembered what the brush was for! I haven't brushed him in almost a year! He even sang the song mo would sing! "here we go loop de lou..." although he just sings, "lou de lou" over and over. pretty cute and sweet!
should we say jealous? for a little boy who didn't want his picture taken a few months ago, he all too eager to jump in the frame these days!

(maybe i should pout...that could get me some pictures alone!) it may be cute, but so unnecessary! don't be fooled...he is not neglected!

and just for the record...I HATE these pajamas! Not only are they superman, (elijah could care less and knows nothing about superman), but they are also polyester and have those fuzzy little balls all over them! Orum bought them...he was so mistreated as a child and never had a pair of his own...he's now living his childhood dream though elijah! he's recently gotten elijah excited about them and he now thinks he must "dress up" in them most afternoons! they do not make for cute pictures!

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Margaret said...

They are so cute. Hazel is just gorgeous. I can't believe you bought acne cream for her! You are so funny.