14 September 2009


makes me want to plan a party right. now.

thanks mm!


Margaret said...

Dang bre, I wish you lived by me so you could throw a party for me!

melanie, aka Mo said...

MM? IS that me?! Just kidding. I don't think I sent that. I would NEVER part with a jewel like that!!

I have started boxing up the art room in preparation for the big move. YOu are not going to BELIEVE the progress on our house. Freaky!

TODD!! actually told me he saw renee and Elijah on TV. HE TOLD ME! Can you believe that he knew them? WHo knew he was paying attention?!

Ok, so when you coming back?!

Mary Martha said...

yeah!!!! i've haven't seen your blog in over a week cause I was on the road this week. So much fun. Let me know how you like the ribbons. we've had some shipping errors with those but hope that works out. That was a beast of a sale.