16 September 2009

just for now...

i can't believe that i actually bought this and put it on the wall! it's amazing what clearance items end up in the buggy!

she wants a "baby mermaid princess" room. i wanted these, but waited too long to order them and now they are gone. :( so until I find something that we {I} love just as much...I guess I'll have to look at these cheesy things. She's not complaining; she actually loves them!
she's trying hard to make sure Hazel loves princess too...sharing all the time! When I asked Renée what she would do if Hazel didn't like princess, her reply was, "every little girl LOVES princesses. they are just so beautiful!" I guess we will see. For now she enjoys chewing on their heads and has settled for a few hearts above her crib. I hope we find new things soon!


melanie, aka Mo said...

Congratulations on the progress of the Baby Mermaid Princess room. Next time you are in, we will go to Dad's shop and MAKE those Mermaid canvases! Just get ready. Bring your pictures and the canvases, and I have the rest! She is going to have the best Baby Mermaid Princess room EVER! She will be the envy of all the girls with Baby Mermaid Princess Rooms EVERYWHERE! Gooooo Baby Mermaid Princess! Goooo!

P.S. I like Hazel's onesie. She is catching Gabbi. Gabbi just wore that in June!

TAMMY said...

Hey ya'll! I stumbled across ya'lls blog from Mandi Medford's and I can't believe your 2 kids in that last picture. They are carbon copies of you and Orem! Adorable kids. It was great to read about your family. Keep in touch!