13 September 2009

rise and shout...

the cougars are out!! yesterday, BYU played at tulane. the day started out with a tailgate party at our branch building. it had been raining for a few days, but was clear that morning. of course, we had to have cute byu shirts--cute enough to get them on national tv! we had people calling and texting us that they had seen us. too bad i didn't think to set the dvr. apparently our little group was on there several different times!

elijah was so proud of his that he had taken a nap with it the day before! {he definitely gets extra excited when what i'm making is for him--lately it's been a lot of flowers and headband...not so exciting for him!}
one things is for sure...he LOVES his sisters!!
soon after we arrived, the cheerleaders drove up. Renée was VERY excited, but within seconds it started POURING! {gotta love lousisana summers!} everyone ran to the tent for cover....well, we did. some people ran under a tree. other took shelter under the satellite. they obviously didn't realize the rain could come down so hard. they got wet. really wet.
during all the rain commotion, this cute girl woke up. she was SO excited to wake up to a party!
and when it was finally only drizziling...COZMO emerged! this little boy was SOOOOO excited to see him! he was the first one to see him under the tent...and then he proceded to follow cozmo.
that was until he found some nice, big puddles. to say the least, this little boy was SOAKED! we had to go home and dry his clothes before the game! i was just glad that tulane plays in the superdome! we were able to stay nice and dry for the game--so comfy and cozy that some even slept! hazel took the first 3 hour sleeping shift and elijah took the last hour! playing in the rain can really wear a boy out!
indoor pep rally due to the rain...
and one more pic with cozmo. hazel wasn't sure what to think about him, but at least she didn't scream at his sight!
go cougs! come back soon.


Jordan and Emily said...

We saw you!! It was so fun. Every game we always pause the DVR on the crowd to see if we know anyone. (we never do) But we did this past game- your kids looked so cute!

Melisse said...

guess I should of actually sat down and watched the game. We had a bunch of people over and it was crazy at our house! Elsa & Carter would LOVE shirts like that. What is the 'Y' made out of? you did make them, right?