07 March 2009

and while we were home...

Hazel had her baby blessing...I LOVE blessings gowns! I actually bought this one a couple of years ago on clearance. I loved how long it was, and that it had the big satin ribbon on the bonnet. Luckily, Hazel was a winter baby since it was long sleeves!
This is orum's dad, orum and my papaw.
Don't you love how long it is? I DO!!!
the happy little family...especially the oldest child! she just wanted to go to her little Sunday school class. we are so mean...keeping her away from learning for pictures! we took these pictures on the same wall that we took the ones when Elijah was blessed. his pictures were bright and crisp...not so much these! gotta love florescent church lighting! i really need to learn how to use photoshop!
Renee did finally agree to look pleasant in a few pictures...if she got to hold Hazel. So here we go...too bad hazel was over taking pictures!
I love the way these 2 interact. Renee is SO sweet to Hazel and loves to take care of her! Hazel usually just stares and smiles back...not so much in this picture, but usually! Don't worry, Renee will sing until she stops crying! (she did the same thing when Elijah was a baby.) Although, I'm starting to be a little concerned. Renee has recently started saying things like, "I like when it's just me and you and Elijah" or "i think we have too many kids" or "I'm glad we didn't bring Hazel." They are such harsh comments! I'm REALLY hoping it's just a little phase and they will stop soon!
poor hazel...she just wanted to sleep, and we keep passing her around while flashing a light in her face!

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Kara said...

Your family looks so cute... and so does your hair. I am drawing inspiration :)