29 March 2009

he's officially 3!

Elijah turned 3 yesterday! we celebreated downtown....lunch at the Gumbo Shop! {My favorite place to eat.} Last semester before hazel was born, elijah, orum and i went to lunch there a few times, and he loves it too!
of course..."the boys" {as renee always refers to them} were getting a little crazy/loud, but this time elijah was the one keeping things under control! "shhh...we don't do that while we eat" --elijah
he thought he would taste the lemon while he was waiting for his crawfish and taso pasta...but decided that talking on the phone would be a better idea.
this little boy is obsessed with the little things of butter. he lines them up, counts them, and then distributes them to those seated at the table. he held this one until the bread arrived.

after lunch we went to jackson square. i was hoping to get some pictures....well, the girls were willing {sort of} but there was too much action around them to actually look at the camera!

renee loves her baby sister, and LOVES taking pictures with her!

elijah decided that he would rather climb a tree...

and then he found this leaf...and carried it around the rest of the day!notice the leaf. the robot guy gave him a sucker, so he had a sucker in one hand and his leaf in the other.
this guy gave him the sucker and then when we were watching the "dragon masters" dance, we found his family!
{only in nola!} and for the grand finale...the flip...i didn't get him in the air, but he did a flip over all these people!
elijah tried to run up and give it a try....i don't think so!
then home for cake! he was so excited that he got a candle with fire again! i cut him a really big piece so it would stand up...he decided to eat it all! he later said he was sick...i guess he doesn't have my sweet tooth quite yet!
happy birthday elijah!! we ♥ you!


Rachel said...

Wow, I can't believe he is 3. And, I love the pictures of your 2 girls...so cute. You can tell Renee just loves having a little sister!

melanie, aka Mo said...

Gosh, these pics make me want to come down. I LOVE New Orleans,and now that you are a "local", you will know all the places to eat and shop and such! I only hang out in the French QUarters. Period! Todd and I are about to get going on the house, so be on the lookout for cool stuff/ places, like on Magazine Street for me to come pick out some neat stuff. I will have to come down and visit soon. Melanie