20 March 2009

fancy nancy tea party!

Renée also had her birthday party last weekend. The girls at her school usually have combined parties and then invite the entire grade--45 girls! It was quite a party! It was at Longue Vue Gardens--a famous estate in New Orleans, fitting for the "Fancy Nancy" Theme! Taylor (the one next to Renée) should be the model for Fancy Nancy!!! She had the look from head to toe, and that's her real hair!!!

One of the other birthday mothers volunteered to be the official party photographer, but here's a peek from the few pictures I took...there were 4 tables set. Each girl received a pink hat, pink gloves, and then the little "bags." Inside each was a boa, "pearl necklace," "diamond ring," clip-on earrings, a bracelet, a butterfly hair clip, and a ring pop.
There was also make-up going on in one of the corners...Renée proudly showing hers off. Of course, she chose pink for everything!This is Renée and Lizette. they are in the same class and renee adores her!

One and only little boy at the party! :)
Renée is usually all about dress up, but that day she insisted that she wanted to be a mermaid...so a mermaid she was! She wouldn't even keep a crown on her head!! {highly unusual}
Renée and her new friend Amelia--she's here for a couple of months from japan. She goes to the sacred heart school there, so she's attending the one in nola while her family is here.

After "tea," scones, sandwiches, and cookies...the girls sang happy birthday and had some hot pink cupcakes! They may have looked yummy, but the icing was HORRIBLE!! There were lots of girls trying to scrape the icing off, which meant icing covered gloves...then tears! Luckily, we quickly diverted their attention and sent them outside!

Renee and Sloane. They were heading outside for the butterfly hunt!
Can you see who was the leader of the pack?
yep...elijah! I guess the girls thought maybe the little boy would be the best at hunting bugs/insects! {or whatever a butterfly is classified as}
and when he was done catching butterflies...he started catching girls! and when that didn't work out...
himself! {silly boy!}
I know my kids had a blast, and hopefully the other girls did as well! Happy Birthday Renee!!

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Coila said...

Bre, you are such a fun mom! And your kids are just growing up so fast.