03 March 2009

this is how we roll...

Before heading home for the week of mardi gras, we participated in a few of the festivities...we saw our favorite krewe...The Krewe of Smocks! The Pre-k and kindergarten girls at school had their own parade! they threw treats to the nursery girls, the parents, siblings, and the first-fourth graders. Renée was VERY excited!! They even had "floats" although Renée was a little confused. She thought she was going to get to ride on one...not the case, but Ducky got too! She's in the wagon with the other pre-k mascots...the frog and turtle. One of the other mother's came to their class room and decorated the canvas bags with them. They were quite the sight! Renée drew a fairy on her bag and used the outline of her hand to make it's wings...so creative!They told the girls that they could wear costumes...surprisingly, Renée decided to just wear a cute outfit! Her reason:"It's so cold outside. If I wear a princess dress, then I'll have to wear a jacket and then you won't see it!" I told you she was smart! And that comment came out of her mouth at 7:30 am!! I'm hardly awake at that hour!!
Elijah LOVED the parades!! Especially, this one since they threw candy!!! Of course, Renée had the cutest throws! we made little paper cones with cute paper and inside were kisses.
This is the Kindergarten's float...their theme was China. The teddy bears are their class's mascots...I LOVE that they wear uniforms too! Pre-k's theme was getting married, I guess. The teachers were carrying bouquets and wearing veils.
most people find rocks stuck in their shoes...orum had beads!
Renée's school is right on the parade route...they had a big concession trailer and potties...
in case you don't understand how serious these people are about parades...this is HOURS before the parades started!!!here we go...we went to one parade on wednesday and three on thursday...and we missed at least 10! on thursday, this kids enjoyed being up on the ladder seat because it was pretty crowded! Hazel of course, slept the night away in her stroller.
why was thursday so crowded? becuase it was muses! they are an all women's krewe....and it's all about the shoes!
Renée REALLY wanted a shoe! she didn't like it when the first float passed by and she didn't get one!

the first float...a big shoe

Elijah thought 2 arms up was the best strategy...

while the red shoes are cute...we caught a real shoe! all the women who ride decorate and throw shoes, but they are scarce!!! I was glad I caught one because Renée would have been SAD!!!
Elijah was ready for bed by the end!! He kept acting like he was going to go to sleep! By the end of the night, he was the only one left up there. Peter was tired and Renée had gotten hit in the face with a bag of beads, so Elijah stretched out and really made himself comfy!


Margaret said...

it's like you are speaking another language. I have no clue about the ways of Mardi Gras, but it looks way fun. I'll have to come down for it sometime.
And your kids of course are so cute.

cari runia said...

I'm with margaret.... for those of us north of the bayou, we have no idea what all that is about! (krewe? that sounds like a random celebrity baby name!)
Anyway, your kids look adorable, and the festivities look like such a fun family adventure... it makes the provo freedom festival look like a white trash bbq! :)
Miss you like crazy! Loves!

breanna said...

start planning! we can have a lip house reunion next mardi gras!!!it'll be so fun!