11 March 2009


Renée turned 5 on Monday! She was VERY excited that her birthday was on a school day! I guess it would be more fun to celebrate your birthday at school when it is actually your birthday... I wouldn't know my birthday is in July. I made her a cute little cupcake barrette, but I don't think she wore once she got to school. Her primary teachers gave her a crown on Sunday. She stashed it in her bag on the way to school and that is what she had on when I got there. Maybe Hazel will like it...

I made cupcakes for her class. Orum said there were too many sprinkles, but the little girls thought they were perfect! And, of course, they were pink cake with pink icing!! {Renée
has almost "pinked" me out! I can see how most second girls are not big into pink...I was the pink sister and heather was the purple sister. I wonder if I was as crazy about pink as Renée is?}
When we got to school, we made made some pipe cleaner "diamond" rings and then the girls sang to her. The sang her "A, you're adorable..." while she sat in the chair and danced with Cupcake (the birthday duck--remember they are the duck class). That's her teacher Ms. Giovingo.
After the song, Renée made Elijah come up. She then drug him over to the table for cupcakes!

He was excited until Renee had candles in hers, and he did not. He pouted the entire time we sang Happy Birthday.

The girls even made cute little cupcake place mats that they each get on their birthday. Their thumbprints are the sprinkles.

When we got home it was time for presents...and more pouting from Elijah. We should have let him nap through it!
Renée decided that she could help him be happy, if she gave him one of his presents early. (What a sweet big sister!) She got him a stick horse. He's been pretending that everything is a stick horse--vacuum hose attachments, wrapping paper rolls...anything long that he can carry! His excitement last about a minute. Then he realized that was all he was getting that day! Poor child...he only has to wait until Saturday! It's not like his birthday is six months away!

Hazel just happily watched it all happen...

We gave her an Ariel dress up gown and the crown. She was VERY excited...She said "I've been wanting this for a long time (oh, do we know!!) Now I only need Pocahontas and Mulan!" Wow, we didn't even know she really knew who Pocahontas was!

Elijah gave her an Aurora doll with the 3 fairies. The fairies make her dress light up and change colors. Hazel gave her a Princess sticker kit...she can color and design her own stickers. She thought those were pretty great too!
And what did she choose for her birthday supper?? Macaroni and Cheses. But not just any Mac & Cheese..."the kind like Aunt Marion has" Which translates to Spirals. We sent Orum to the store to get some, and she was one happy little girl!
And for dessert? More cupcakes!!
And this time Elijah got a candle too...
2 birthday parties coming this weekend....


katie said...

that is so true about the second girl not having so much pink. Everything for Amanda was pink, but everything I had was yellow. I love the flags on the cupcakes. So cute.

LisaJ said...

You can NEVER have too many sprinkles for little girls!! You are so creative!! Renee is one lucky little girl!

Rachel said...

5 years old! Wow, I remember going to the hospital to see you after Renee was first born. Was that really 5 years ago? I love the little cupcakes--so cute. But of course it's cute--anything you make is!

Kara said...

Happy Birthday Renee! So far I am liking the bum genius pocket diapers, but a friend and I made a bunch that are similar (she did most of the work :). What are you using?