23 November 2009

2 little indians!

Friday was Reneé's "big day," as she called it. She had been waiting for this day for a solid year! They have a big feast with the students--the nursery girls are the turkeys, the pre-k girls are the pilgrims, and the kindergarten girls are the indians. Last year when she saw that the indians were barefoot--she was no longer happy being a pilgrim. She has seriously talked about being "barefoot at school" ALL year! I don't know what they big deal is, but she thought so!

This is how she left for school...of course braids were a must, but she also insisted that she have a headband. If she had mentioned it before it was time to walk out of the door, I would have made it with feathers.

This is how she came home! Her name is Shining Brook. Each girl was given an Indian name for the month of November. She was a little disappointed that she didn't get to be Rainbow Princess, but she embraced it and wrote her new name on EVERYTHING! Every paper that came home had Shining Brook on it! I'm not sure how into it the other girls were, but I seriously doubt they could have been more enthusiastic about than her!
{look at those feet...looks like a ballerina to me!}
Very authentic, right? They dyed and drew on the shirts in class and then a few other moms and I cut and beaded them. I can't remember what her papoose's name was...probably Hazel.
Notice the Shining Brook symbol on her face!

Luckily, this little boy got to be an Indian too! His name was Running Feet--very appropriate! He told me that he colored a pilgrim hat, so when he came home with a feather headband I was a little surprised. It made me even happier that I had stayed up Thursday night making him this Indian shirt. Renée kept talking about hers. I didn't want him to be left out.

They both came home with a list of things that they were thankful for.
Reneé was thankful for daddy, hazel, friends, and happy grams.
Elijah was thankful for daddy.

Maybe one day I'll make the list again...


melanie, aka Mo said...

I LOVE those JOY shirts! I may have to buy a couple of those! I took pics tonight of my two girls in their pumpkin shirts! they were so cute! Mel

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