07 November 2009

city patch...

We did visit the pumpkin patch this year...just a city version! It was in the tiny parking lot of a church with a rent-a-fence--no grass in sight! The one we visited last year is just a couple blocks from our house. They have grass, but I didn't get pumpkin shirts made before they suddenly packed up and left a week before Halloween!
I won't bother captioning each picture, what each wanted to do was pretty evident--Elijah watned to work, Hazel wanted to explore, and Renee wanted to shop! There was LOTS of bribing involved, but obviously not enough to get a picture of all 3 kids looking and smiling! {i would have gladly taken just looking!} I guess there's always next year!

{He was crying because Hazel crawled away--very sad!}
{Yes, Elijah is sweaty. I started the shirts during a "cold" snap. It was 83 degrees that day.I guess I'm just cruel--sorry children!}
{Hazel feels that it is her responsibly to remove glasses from everybody!}


melanie, aka Mo said...

So sweet. You know I think all your kids are so cute, but that Hazel... she is taking it to a whole new level. (I am only writing this because I know your kids aren't reading your blog comments!!). SHe is so pretty. Her eyes just BEAM! And those little shoes... awwweeee! Gabbi is FLYING through clothes. Of course, she hasn't started walking, so she hasn't had that whole "Slim up" phase! I basically let she and Ellie just share clothes! Because I don't feel like walking upstairs!
And what has been the deal with Renee's fever blisters. It looks like she has another one. I remember not too long ago, she had a pretty severe one! Is there something propyhylactic that she can use regularly?! Alright, I am all done commenting now. Peace out. Mel

Cat said...

I was going to write a comment asking if you wanted me to have Hazel but combined with the other comment I don't want you to be concerned that Renee and Elijah aren't precious too. :) Besides, I'm pretty sure I know the answer to that question anyway.

Becky T said...

Hey Breanna! I finally found your blog (it wasn't hard, I just had to remember to look it up!! lol) I love the pumpkin shirts, you are SO talented. Wowzers! And I think we may have gone to that exact same pumpkin "patch" ourselves. Cute pictures!

(oh, and it sounds like we need to talk about scheduling pictures. Let me know when you were thinking of doing them and we'll get something figured out!)

breanna said...

mel--i don't know what propyhylactic means, but she does take medication EVERYDAY now!!! these fever blisters are making me crazy!!! it's becuase the child needs 14+ hours of sleep a day! seriously. she is my child that slept 17 hours a day until she started school--14 at night and a 3 hour nap! the medicine has helped a little with outbreaks, but the spots have been dark since august!

cat--you can't have hazel, but i'll let you have your pick between the other 2!:) she's currently the most well-behaved, but I expect that won't be the case for too much longer!

becky--we definitely need to talk!