11 November 2009

a REAL boy!

I always imagined that my little boy would play with legos. He on the other hand would rather by hypnotized by the TV! I think if I would let him, he would sit there 24/7...napping intermittently. There are days that I literally have to bribe him to come to his room and play with me. Sometimes it's not pretty.
For the past couple of months, when we utter the word bedtime he runs to his room and starts playing angelically with his toys. Toys like legos or books--neither of which have been a successful bribe!
Tonight he built a hotel. A hotel that he was quite proud of! Maybe I should rethink our schedule--sleep all day and play all night!

1 comment:

Salem said...

He needs to talk with Hunter & Porter...they are lego masterminds!!!