09 November 2009


These pictures were taken last summer right before we moved to New Orleans. I thought they were SO big, SO old, but now looking back I realize that they were just babies! Elijah was still half bald, and Renée still had chubby {relative, I know} little cheeks!
Looking at these pictures make me wonder if I forced them grow up too quickly. I guess I will never really know. For now I will try to relish the magic of childhood that still is.

{and dream of the day when we will once again have a backyard with grass and a swing set!}


JMF said...

I agree. They grow up so fast. Jensen starts Kindergarten next year and I am sooo nervous. Am I really to that stage of motherhood?

I also have to comment on the city patch. Ours was in a CASINO parking lot. Great! Luckily I drove up to St.George and the boys got to visit one that was a little more picturesque. And since I have had three kids... I can NOT get them to sit still for picture. We bribe them with everything and still one of them is always crying. Let me know if you come up with any good ideas to get them to sit nicely!- Emily

~Marcarrietharden~ said...

=) awwwww... they are really cute.. haha! Take care... =D Best wishes - ~Marcarrie~