16 November 2009

i am a genius!

Not only did I fix AND transform optimus prime, but I also figured out a way to keep this girl sitting in her chair! I LOVE this old wooden high chair, but like all of my children she has mastered the escape of the buckle!

I truly believe that 5-point harnesses were invented for my children--I wonder if this ability to escape buckles in an inherited trait!? I've heard that Orum was quite the climber. After lots of frustration, I grabbed the bumbo just to see if it would fit...and it did! No wonder she was able to stand up and dance!! The seat was big enough for a bumbo...definitely to much wiggle room for this tiny girl! It was all fun and games...
until she realized that she couldn't stand up anymore!!! Luckily, an animal cracker was able to drown all of her sorrows :)

1 comment:

Amanda said...

i have got to get a bumbo! they seem to be the answer to many parenting woes!