15 November 2009

our new motto...

Today we went to the park to play on the new equipment....it was fabulous. The kids loved it. When we walked up the new side walk, I saw this. Play hard...laugh loud...be happy. I love it. I want this to be how the kids remember their childhood.

The older two ran and climbed like monkeys. {literally} And the little one just sat in the stroller and took it all in! She is by far our best "stroller sitter!" I hope it lasts. She occasionally chewed on her finger. molars?
Renée brought her ball and hula hop. She immediately put it down to climb. This little boy made it his responsibility to be the keeper of her ball. I think he had a little crush. She was oblivious...I guess an all-girl school will do that to you. She played. He followed her around trying to give her the ball. Sometimes she would take it, and then put it down as soon as he ran away. Most of the time she ignored him, but that didn't keep him away! He kept coming back!
And then she found her friend, Anna Grace, from school! They hula hooped and talked about Renée's tattoos from the birthday party yesterday. They are cute and sweet together, and only a few weeks apart. They had their party together last year.
And when these two ran off, the crush decided to make friends with her brother! Elijah wasn't too sure about that...he just wanted to play ball! He obviously needs to work on hitting the ball and not the tee :)
I think today was a success...they played hard, laughed loud, and were happy--for the most part at least!

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