07 May 2010

art in the park pictures!

finally :) this may be my favorite party yet...the girls LOVED it! well, actually the boys did too! it was the perfect spring day and in the cutest little neighborhood park.

of course, we had a banner {which does have a "b" it was just blowing in the wind} and matching shirts for the birthday girls--i may or may not have stayed up making them the night before. {just saying}
One of the other moms made this canvas at the entrance with each of their names on it. She also made the little ones for each birthday girl. We originally were going to let the guests sign them, but they were too cute! Renée LOVES hers because it has all of her favorite colors--gold, silver, and pink :) {bottom right}
We had several "stations" set up--paint a canvas, create a treat, design a necklace, make a frame, tie-dye a t-shirt, face painting, launch a mentos rocket, and experiment with ooblek. They all stared out so nice a neat...each spot also had a little easel and canvas sign!
The girls weren't shy about jumping right in. They LOVED it. Some of them took their time at each spot, and others just ran from table to table.

There was also an awesome play set there. Oh, there's the front of the shirt. Since the party was in February and the city was still celebrating the Saints' Superbowl victory in full-force, fleur de lies were a requirement for these girls. They are SERIOUS about their Saints!
And of course, hula hoops and jump ropes. I guess this is the age that they all get into hula hoops, and I must say they have mad skills! I saw one little girl working three at a time--all on her waist!
the birthday moms--less the one on bed rest.
this may have been the highlight of the party--a baby pool full of ooblek! This is at the end of the party...notice all the grass in the pool and the oobleck in the grass.
See what I mean about their Saints obsession--most of the girls painted a fleur de lis on her canvas!
This is the tie-dye station--were I remained the entire party. It was so fun to see the thought that each one put into the shirt. It was almost never just point and squirt. There were plans and mixing and designs involved.
a child's dream...minimal supervision from mommy, an unlimited amount of cupcakes and ice cream cones, and LOTS of messy stuff to play in!
the cookie cake. i made each girl a pin dolls to hold their candles.
6 girls and 1 cake always makes for an interesting event. Everyone crowded so tightly around the table that Abigail didn't even get to blow out her own candles :( See her getting squeezed out at the top corner? In fact, after that was over I made them back up a little, I cut the whole cake into squares, and on the count of 3 they all just grabbed a piece. It was gone in seconds, but made for quick distribution!
The pin dolls were a hit...there may have been a little bragging involved.
Even the mess left behind was so pretty that the clean-up didn't seem so bad!


Coila said...

Your children have the most magical childhood! They're going to have so many fun memories!!

melanie, aka Mo said...

We are DEF having one of these for my girls when they get older! That looked like a ball!

and BTW... CHECK OUT THAT HAMSTRING LENGTH! In the picture at the tie dye station. Yep... leave it to a PT to notice that! Mel