24 May 2010

may crowning {2010}...sweeter than Abbey Rd!

May Crowning was last week. It was the LAST time that they get to wear their white dresses. Saddness. Tomorrow is her last day to wear her smocked uniform. I'm not sure which is sadder.

When I got to the school and parked, the girls were already walking to the Rosary Campus. {Nursery-4th grade is at the Mater Campus 2 blocks away. The chapel is at the Rosary where the 5th-12th grades are.} Adorable....for some reason I kept thinking about the Beatles picture when I saw them walking across. {and oddly enough, a Beatles song is playing on pandora right now!} The walked over 2 by 2. Each pair had a PreK girl and a K girl. Renée is hidden, but you can see her big pink peony in front of the black car.
Goûter in the courtyard afterwards...where Hazel discovered her love for petits fours! She wanted MORE!!

Renée and Madison top.
Renée and Lizette bottom.
I can't believe how much there girls have grown since last year! They are looking so much older!!! I just don't know if I will be able to stand seeing them in plaid jumpers next year.

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Amanda said...

I'm surprised to see Renee wearing a blue flower in her hair. I thought she only liked pink? I guess the "sad" occasion calls for something blue:) And isn't Lizette wearing the same bow as last year? Sorry, silly details:) She looks beautiful!!!