28 May 2010

born to perform!

We knew that Hazel loves to dance, but what I didn't know was that she LOVES the stage even more! Last weekend the two of us went to Monroe to help Ms. Linda celebrate her 50th recital!! The two of us sat in the audience during the last performance. It was waaaay past her bedtime, and I thought that she would just fall asleep. NOT the case. She did not take her eyes off the dancers. She was captivated.

At the very end of the show, there was a little surprise presentation for Ms. Linda. I took Hazel on stage with me. She did not want to leave. During the finale she danced with Ms. Linda Lou, and loved every second of it. She loved it so much, that afterwards she wouldn't even come to me. She was clinging to Linda Lou--I suppose Hazel was rewarding her. She NEVER chooses anyone over me! When it was all over and the clean-up began, she took her place at center stage and watched it all--she even showed off a few of her dance moves :)

She was enthralled by all the teachers--especially Miss Mallory!! I can't wait to see this little one dance! It won't be long until my 3rd generation girls are dancing with Ms. Linda again!!!


bands said...

Too cute!

Mary Allison said...


(i dont feel like signing in so im just putting my name lol)

breanna said...

that's right...she did LOVE you Mary Allison! Watch out Ellie Sue...there's a new girl in town:)