08 May 2010

destination celebration

Throughout the year, Renée's kindergarten has traveled around the world and visited all seven continents. Last week, they headed back home to North America and celebrated with a program! During the first half, they sang songs in multiple languages.
In the picture above they were singing something "to you." The other girls pointed in the general direction of the audience--Renée pointed directly to me...every time! :) Below, they were singing a couple of songs entirely in French. I don't know what it is, but when I see this group of girls in their white dresses singing in French, I always get a little teary. They seriously look and sound like a little choir of angles. I love that she has had this experience--adding boys to the mix would make it completely different!
After the songs there was a slide show of all of their travels. It was amazing to see them all grow throughout the year. Then they divided into groups to talk about each continent. Renée was in the last group--she was soo happy to have her own continent. When they got up there, Anna Grace was laughing so hard that they all started giggling! She and Catherine said the last line, "We traveled all around the world and now we're back with y'all!"

And then they all came back on stage to sing songs about America--including one that named all 50 states!!
Of course, it was followed by goûter...
above: Renée and Kate B.--this is their second year to be in the same class. We are hoping for three in a row!
below: Renée and Céci--they share their great LOVE of pink, princesses, and mermaids!!!


melanie, aka Mo said...

That was so sweet! I love the one with Renee pointing at you. I found her!

And I think she is the prettiest one. Just sayin'!

Boxed up clothes yesterday. A friend came over to help. I have to do something with these soon. When are you coming back to town? Melanie

Mary Martha said...

so neat! I love the white dresses.