17 May 2010

two innings of comedy...

Last friday was Elijah's first t-ball game! He LOVES it! He even has his own personal coach; although she's never played ball herself, when he was in the dugout she was giving him direction through the fence. The little baby below sat for almost the entire hour and just watched.
all training was received on the field--we don't have practice, but that works for me! They told the kids before heading out, "spread out on the field and don't tackle!"
his helmet was SO big that he had to hold it while he was running.

look at that stance...yes, his glove is on the wrong hand:) when they {he} ended up in a position on the field that wasn't actually a place you were supposed to stand in, they would just pick the kids up and plop them where they were supposed to be.

Notice, that Renée quickly lost interest in coaching and decided to just play on my phone.

Elijah was SERIOUS when he was on the field--a couple of kids decided just to lie down. Not Elijah--his goal was to get the ball. Everytime. Initially he was playing shortstop, but then he got "promoted" to first base. Eventually he ended up on the pitcher's mound after being told that he couldn't just stand on the first base line across from the pitcher. A little girl wanted to be pitcher too, but he stood his ground without actually touching her--such restraint :)

2 great hits and not strikes...I think he takes after me! I was awesome at t-ball...softball that's a different story. Like my only game hit was a foul ball, 2 black eyes {1 was MAJOR} and another ball to the forehead. I think it's obvious why I stuck to ballet :)

By the end of the game, Elijah realized that the other kids were charging the ball every time it was hit, and joined in the fun. {he's number 12}

This little baby decided to venture from the bleachers and decided that this ball thing looked pretty fun. She also found a little boy her size to bear hug...over and over. He shared a cookie with her. Food is obviously still the key to her heart!

Trying to play the baseline...

There's no score, but apparently someone told Elijah that he won. Now when he talks about his game he tells everybody that he won--not his team, just him. Hmmmmm...I guess we'll have to work on the concept of teamwork :)
His friend Cooper was on the other team. Trust me, Elijah is not really that short. Cooper is almost a whole year older. Did I mention that Elijah LOVED baseball? He did, and has asked when his next game is everyday since.

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