29 May 2010

passing of the plaid!

There's no Kindergarten graduation at ASH, but there is "Passing of the Plaid." The "primary school" is comprised of first through fourth grades, so at the end of the year the outgoing fourth graders welcomes the upcoming first grade class to the lower school and passes them them the plaid! Renée has been excited for this day to come for weeks--as I am sure most of the girls were! Their "grader" walked them down the aisle to the headmaster and lower school director to receive their plaid, then they took their place on the state to sing a few songs.

It actually works out really neat--these two classes are forever connected. The same class would welcome our girls to the middle school when they enter fifth grade on the other campus, and would then again welcome them to the upper school when they enter ninth grade.

Then it was back to the classroom for pictures and showing off on the smart board!
{paige and renée}
{phylis, renée, and isabella}

Although, I think the highlight of their morning was their new headbands! Plaid to match their uniforms for next year on a stretchy headband. Apparently, stretchy ones are the new craze. I love that a little headband is still SO exciting! Hopefully, that won't change just because they are going to be "graders!"


melanie, aka Mo said...

So renee will be in an all girl school through high school? I am just wondering. I thought this was a little girl thing. Please advise.

breanna said...

Well, in theory yes, but since there's not one in Monroe--no. She's very disappointed about that! She LOVES her school.