15 May 2009

may crowning...

Today was May Crowing...each girl had to bring a flower. I know it appears pink, but Renée's flower was actually lavender. Yes, lavender...not purple. She has gotten very specific about colors--naming them by shades now. Her favorite color is no longer pink, but "bubblegum pink."
So, I'm still not sure what "May Crowning" is or why they do it, but I did enjoy it! I LOVE that it was another excuse the see all the girls in their white uniforms and to hear them sing sweet songs! They are seriously adorable! It's something to do with Mary and the color theme was blue and white.
{Renée is on the 4th row of girls and is 2nd from the right--big white bow looking at the camera}
Hazel was an angel and watched attentively through it all... Elijah did well too; although, I'm sure it helped that he was in Orum's lap on another row. He was not cooperative afterward as far as picture-taking was concerned.

See what i mean...won't get "in" the picture, but won't get out either.

Look! He can multitask...tying Renée's bow, holding Hazel, and keeping Elijah close!
I tried to get a picture of Renée and Lizette...Lizette was ready and waiting. Renée hid.

Lizette decided to just go with it...and i guess it worked. Happy May Crowing!

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cari runia said...

So adorable Bre! My kids are at a serious culture disadvantage, here in happy valley! You're lucky to have such fun outings and customs for your darling little family! (and all those girls on all those pews in all those white dresses are just too precious!)
Love ya & miss ya like crazy!