18 May 2009

the rehearsal...

so today was Renée's recital rehearsal {recital is tomorrow}...i'm sure not many of you care too much about it, but orum does, or at least he SHOULD! :) {he's in costa rica for 16 days--he says it's for school, but it sure sounds like a vacation to me! LUCKY!}
and warning...there will be ranting! first of all, we chose this studio because they taught ballet and tap for her age group on a day other than Saturday morning. after the fact, i found out that each class does one dance--ballet or tap at recital AND there are NO costumes! you wear your own. well, we had to get one with "diamonds" and so far only minimal complaints! their class is doing ballet; although, Renée was sad because the other class of younger girls is dancing to "part of your world" from the little mermaid...only her "favorite princess ever!" she was very upset. she said, "this is the second recital that someone danced to that and it wasn't my class!" {seriously, she is like an elephant...she NEVER forgets!}

i must say, she was quite adorable on stage! she acts like a pro, but they didn't even have the girls lined up by height!!! it was like they said, go stand wherever you want. of course, Renée would choose the end. smart child realizes that the end gets to be the leader! so far she is 3 for 3!

so the theme is 80s. they danced to "time after time" REALLY?! the other class gets a sweet Disney song, and they get that!? if the other class doesn't have to have an 80s song, why do they?

oh how we miss Ms. Linda right now! did she spoil me? is this really how most recitals are? if so...i'm sorry. i miss the costumes, the excitement, the dances, and even the chaos! i mean who has EVER heard of recital on a school night!? only 2 more years Renée! But not to worry too much...she's too young to notice. and I've kept my complaining to myself, or at least not to her. and Ducky got to come too...in a matching pink tutu or course!
i'm sure she doesn't want me to reveal her age, but here's a hint...this happens to be img_0271 {seriously it is!} we ♥ you!


LisaJ said...

I would complain about no costumes too! On the flip side, we just paid $80 for Ava's dance recital (yep, $80!!) for a cheaply made annie costume. It was cute, but I could have made (ok...I can't sew, but YOU could have made 50 costumes for that price).

At least they still look cute no matter what they are in right??

cari runia said...

~Sadly, there isn't anybody like miss linda! (so many memories from your wedding week with her and with miss linda lou too!) :)
~Renee looks beautiful in anything, and she obviously won't allow anything thats distasteful, so no need to fret!
~Happy Birthday to Mimi! Love her!
~16 days in Costa Rica? Sounds like you and the kiddles need to make a trip up here while he's gone! Whattaya say? :) :) :) :)