28 May 2009

little girls....

I checked Renée out of school one day last week. They were in the play yard. I was happy to see that Renée is not the only one obsessed with the "mulch." She LOVES it, even though she's fully aware that it's old tires that have been shredded.There were 2 huddles of girls in the mulch....she was in the huddle trying to catch a beetle that was trying its best to hide in the mulch and the other was building a "mulch castle"--there were other materials involved...sticks, sand, and grass, but it was called a mulch castle. {it's what they are all huddled around in the picture}

I was trying to get Renée to leave, but she was consumed with the beetle. I suggested that they get the beetle and let him live in the mulch castle. The girls all cheered, and thought that I was awesome! So we found a paper cup, scooped him up, and took him to his new palace. He walked around and then climbed up the stick...and flew away. All the girls screamed and ran. It was SO funny...I guess they weren't as brave as they thought they were!

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