12 May 2009

"mommy, i love you..."

i for one, think that mother's day should be more than once a year. maybe a special mother's day for those with toddlers. i don't think i'm alone...not everyday is an it's-so-fun-to-stay-at-home-because-my-kids-are-so-sweet-and-angelic day! {i know they may look cute and innocent...but we all know they are not!}

in fact, friday night i had them at a little restaurant with some family that was in town...hazel snoozed while the other 2 acted like WILD monkeys! i was in such a bad mood that saturday we stayed home all day. by sunday, i had forgotten and they appeared as angels again! it's hard to think other wise when they make cute things for me and are so excited to give them to me!

Renée painted a flower pot at school for me that holds a picture of us from the tea party. She also made me a paper bracelet--she told me to save it so that hazel can wear it when she grows up. And Elijah made me a paper flower in nursery, but maybe the funniest was the little questionnaire Renée filled out in primary. it was fun to get a little insight into her little brain...she often filled it in with her favorite things, but still SO cute!

i love mommy because she made my yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy cupcakes for my birthday. {yes, she said yummy 5 times! i guess sprinkles go a long way!}
mommy's favorite color is all of them.
the best part of mommy's face is her lipstick.
mommy's favorite TV show is "she likes me to watch noggin"
mommy's favorite thing to do is sew headbands.
mommy is "i don't know" years old.
where does mommy work? home. she cleans and cooks.
mommy's favorite food is energy food. {just to clarify that translates to frozen stir fry that Renée loves.}
mommy's favorite candy is peanut butter hearts. {again her favorite}
mommy's favorite drink is hot stuff. {hot stuff=carbonation}
the one thing that always makes me think of mommy is her lipstick. {i guess i should start wearing lipstick more often!}
if mommy were an animal she would be a butterfly because one time she was a butterfly for Halloween. {2 years ago...the only time i've ever dressed up since she was born}
mommy's favorite restaurant is home {huh!?}
on mother's day i want to tell mommy: happy mother's day!

i LOVE being a mother...i really do! Renée, Elijah and Hazel--thank you for being so sweet on Sunday and helping me remember why i love it so much! They were seriously SO good...it was like they were under a magic spell...sat through church quiet and contently, Elijah went to nursery without a protest {he hates that he doesn't get to go to class with Renée}, and then they sat at the table for a ridiculously long amount of time while we ate with our family that was here visiting! I love y'all so much!


Rachel said...

Adorable! I loved reading the little questionnaire Renee filled out. That was absolutely hysterical. I think the funniest parts were the lipstick comments. Does she really like lipstick or something? Thanks for the smile for the day!

LisaJ said...

Caleb filled out a similar thing for school. He said I was 10 feet tall and weighed 160 pounds, and they asked what I do when he goes to school, and he replied, take a nap (followed by a lovely picture of me passed out on the couch with my mouth wide open). Gotta love kids!