28 May 2009

first day, last day...

preschool has ended, and summer has officially begun. i can hardly believe that preschool is over for this little girl! this was her 3rd year, so it kind of seemed like it would last forever! she may still be one of the tiny ones in her class, but she certainly looks older to me. looking at this picture, i realize that some things never change like sleepy eyes and messy school hair. {she had a cute flower on her ponytail, i promise!}

she has enjoyed this year and has learned A LOT! things i didn't know, well let's just say don't remember--like Lincoln was the 16th president. She got a $5 bill in one of her birthday cards, and she exclaimed, "It's the 16th president!" orum and i looked at each other and asked, "really?" we didn't know, so we assumed she was right. she was. she can also name all 50 states. she can put together a 100 piece puzzle like nobody's business. she can say lots of cute things in french. she can use a computer. she has made some fabulous masterpieces in art. she has learned to read. she has started doing some math, and SO much more! she doesn't ever give us a daily report of school, but she constantly surprises us when she tells us days or weeks later! she is definitely SMART and has the craziest memory of any child i know! she remembers and talks about things from when we lived in utah! {we moved right after she turned 2!...yes, crazy i tell you!}to celebrate the summer, they had a luau on the last day. they had lots of fun inflatables and water slides, relays, treats, and even a dance party...here she is with one of her teachers--ms. nehrbass
there was a different station for each activity, but all the parents thought it was odd that the dance party was in the chapel. i have to agree. maybe mary likes to see little girls dancing to hannah montana and the jo bros? these little girls were hilarious. i wish i had had a video camera! who knew that 4/5 year olds knew how to dance. one little girl was seriously breaking!
here's a few from her class...this is pre-danceparty. see the little girl with the ice on her head? she obviously, wasn't too injured because she was the one doing her thang on the floor!
oh, and notice the matching headbands? i told you they were all obsessed with them! happy summer to us. now we {she} just have to work on sleeping in again!

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