21 May 2009

new things...

Elijah found these in the dollar spot at target, and asked SO sweetly for them. He was such a good boy that he got to buy them. He held them tightly until we got home. When we walked in the door, he immediately started playing with them. He took them all out of the bag for an in initial inspection, and then brought them into the kitchen to play.
first on the table, and then on the floor.

he then insisted that i take a picture of these 3. i guess because there's a man down. don't ask me i don't get all these boy games! orum would be so proud!
{and please excuse my dirty floors! of course he chose to play on the really grungy part of the wood floor. and by the broken noodles on the kitchen floor. they are now clean...at least for the moment}


Rachel said...

Hooray for cheap toys. And, no need to apologize for dirty floors...the tile in my kitchen is white. It stays clean for about 3 minutes after I clean it and that's it! Also, Renee looks very cute in her dance recital costume.

breanna said...

RACHEL...5AM!? you should be SLEEPING!

thanks for making me feel better about me floors :)

Rachel said...

You should know by now that I'm an early riser...remember I was the one with 8 AM classes everyday and you always said I was crazy. :) Speaking of 5 AM--that reminds me of the job you had at the Cannon Center for a few days! ha ha