17 May 2009

saturday night live...2 weeks ago...

do all funerals turn into parties...or just in our family? well, this party started out nice and quiet. aunt diane helped elijah play the violin. i'm not sure where he learned about violins-maybe from little einstiens, but he's been asking us to buy him one for months! he was quite pleased with himself. he learned how to hold the bow and how to make high and low notes. pretty successful for a first lesson, and so far it seems to have cured his need to have one.
elizabeth got some baby practice in with hazel! i guess this could be hazel and aloysia's first picture together! they are going to be best friends...which is exciting for me, since i never had any cousins my age! by the time they start school, we should all be living in the same town!:)
after all that violin practice...it was time for a movie. {with the new found jiminy the cricket in hand} most of the family went to see the late show at tinseltown, but elijah had a private showing of 101 dalmatians... and when they returned...some people {ashley} read
some people cooked {lauren, cindy, and aunt marion} don't they look happy!:)
and someone played on the computer.
but all that quiet didn't last long...it soon esclated when gerald brought out the guitar. orum felt left out and decided to pretend.
these 2 just watched...
hazel was SOOO tired, but wasn't going to miss out on her first late night party!
"ZOMBIE" was soon heard throughout the house...and brought people down the stairs...
first this curious little girl
and then sarah katherine. she was sleeping, and i don't think she was too happy to hear loud music {oops!} it was only a little after 1 am, why was she sleeping anyway!?
and the readers, through it all...just kept on reading!

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