24 May 2009

elijah and his paint...

i am elijah.
i am 3.
i am a city child.
i live in a house on the very bottom floor.

this is my paint.
it is fun, but very messy.
here is what i like: painting on the steps.
here is what i do not like: messy fingers.
this is hazel.
she is my sister.
she likes to watch me do fun things.

and when i am done i play my guitar.
she absolutely loves to hear me play!

{while i was watching him paint outside, i realized he is a "city child!" no backyard, or front yard for that matter, to get messy in--so he sits on the steps. he is a city child just like eloise. he loves those books. renee is pretty much over them. i wonder if it's from hearing us read them to renee when he was a baby? and speaking of baby...this is him last june...his last attempt at finger painting. he was actually using paint pens, but it quickly turned into finger painting. in fact, i remember cleaning little black footprints off my kitchen floor! i guess painting outside has its perks!}
he was so little, cute and silly...with a lot less attitude!

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Rachel said...

Wow, he looks so much younger in those pictures from last year. I love how he has that little guitar that he plays. Also, how did you change the font for your titles and dates from those boring fonts that they offer as the defaults?