25 May 2011

her last day at Sacred Heart!

Summer started today, and I have one sad sad SAD little girl! Today was her last day at the Academy of the Sacred Heart. She has been very emotional about the whole thing--I think it started when they began counting down the days of school. When it hit 14 days...the thinking, the sad talking, and the tears started. Yesterday during their last all-school assembly, she was crying. Crying so much that her teacher had to take her to the hall to calm her down.

I am sad that she is so sad. We do love it here. She LOVES her school. She LOVES that it's only girls. I tell her that she will love her new school too, but we both know it won't be the same. I tell her that she cried for her old preschool when she started at Sacred Heart. She doesn't believe me. Maybe she does, and she just chooses not to admit it.

We decided to make "friendship headbands" and give them to all the girls in first grade. She was excited, because I let her help sew the ruffles. We made 50. We started last night. Help was welcomed :)
Here are the girls in her class this year. I guess I should have taken several more pictures...some girls weren't quite ready :)
Renée and her teacher Mrs. Charbonnett. She is seriously the sweetest teacher ever! We all LOVED her! She was the prefect teacher for Reneé during our crazy year. She even made a banner the morning that William was born and sent it to the hospital. She had all the girls and several other teachers write little notes to him!
And is this not the saddest note ever?! Look at Renée and the word bubble...
Hopefully, this time next year I will be writing about how Renée loved second grade at her new school. That she had a fabulous teacher again, and not about how she still misses her "old school."

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melanie, aka Mo said...

I'll be needing two more of those headbands, please. One in kid size. One adult. Thank you very much. I'll send you to the beach!

I know you don't wanna move home, but do you even KNOW how much art we are gonna make?! And kids' art classes?! Oh man... F-U-N!!