26 October 2009

Field trip!

Last week, Elijah had his first official school field trip! They went to the zoo...a place that I am not too fond of. I mean, as far as zoos go, Audubon is great...I just don't really get into animals. But this little boy LOVES the zoo and animals!! We were there, along with several other schools, before they opened. When the unlocked the gates, this little boy was literally the first one in! He took off running at full speed! I am not sure why my children are fascinated with taking pictures with statues/sculptures, but they are! Both Renée and Elijah, feel the need to pose with every single one that they spot...I am sure that Hazel will soon pick up on the trend--making the process even longer! They have even asked to be photographed with the gap mannequins! I am serious.
It was fun to see him interact with his new little friends; however, it seemed that they were more interested in him than he was in them. They all wanted to hold hands...he preferred to be the leader of the pack.
I am serious...every single statue!
We did happen to find some new things...a petting zoo for one! Elijah followed this goat around for a long time!
Then he and his new friend, Sam, decided to hit the playground. Elijah was uninterested in taking pictures because he had just spotted the carousel.
For the boy who was afraid of this ride just last year, he sure LOVES it now! I guess my baby boy is growing up!

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