22 October 2009

in all their sickly glory...

Monday...Hazel went to the doctor...ear infection

Wednesday...Renée went to the doctor...sinus infection
Right now, I'm just hoping we don't have to see her again on Friday!

{2 times in one week, is SOOO unheard of in this house! In the past year that we have lived here, there has only been 1 sick visit to doctor...and that was just to get medicine for Renée's fever blister!}
While we were waiting for Renée's medicine, Elijah fell asleep so I decided to go across the street and take pictures of these two. Hazel sat with Renée for all of 30 seconds, before she decided that she had had enough of the bench...and off she went!

to find the grass and Renée's shoes...
I'm blaming the ear infection for that bruise on her check too...she's been a bit shaky on her feet while she's been sick. She fell and hit her little check on the window sill.
Renée wanted to go sit in the "yellow" {dead} grass. So they did, and Hazel did NOT like it! She prefers green grass!

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