27 October 2009

halloween has begun...

Last weekend we went to a bithday party {well, actually 2, but what else is new?!} The first one was a halloween birthday party for 3 of Renée's friends.
These 2 monkeys took FOREVER to decide what they would wear. They literally changed 3 times before we left--both of them. After lots of great ensembles, Renée decided that she would wear her ballet costume from when she was 2!
And Elijah opted to be a "green man" from toy story! SO glad, we had a plethora of dress-up to choose from; of course, neither of them are planning to wear these outfits on halloween--that would be too simple! And apparently, this green man likes to eat ballerinas, dance, and sing...he put on quite the show on the front steps.
It was really fun! They had a hayride, cute halloween food, and, of course, FACE PAINTING! I think this was actually Elijah's first time to have his face painted?! He was REALLY excited about it, so excited that he couldn't stay in line! These girls know all about the face paining line...and when he would run off, they would jump in the chair. FINALLY, he made to the chair...he thought that he looked awesome!

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