31 October 2009


It was fun, but I for one--am SOOO glad it's over! I'm tired, and I'm ready to move on. Letting the children choose their costume, meant LOTS of mind-changing and last minute costume scrambling! Over the past few weeks, Elijah went from pirate, to ghost, to spider-man. He was none of those, but he was SOOO adorable! And this little girl went from Melody {ariel the mermaid's little girl} to tinker bell {like last year} to Mulan, to this...a "wedding fairy!" Yes, that's right a wedding fairy. Who knew?
On Friday Renée got to wear her costume to school--which meant staying up late on Thursday. She chose to wear these big purple wings that I made for a friend's birthday party last year. Luckily, I still had an extra flower to put on the front of the dress! I was actually shocked that she wore it! But she was excited and LOVED that all of her little friends kept telling her that she looked like she was getting married! I think she's already becoming a little wedding obsessed...I caught her trying to get Elijah to marry her not long ago!
Oh, and don't forget about the little fairy wand! It was really SO interesting that she picked this wand and those wings! Neither are the ones that she usually plays with...sometimes, I wish I could read her thoughts!

Here he is in all of his super glory...SUPER ELIJAH! And there he is sticking out his tongue...obviously taking his picture WHILE telling him, "No" was very effective! He thought he was awesome!
And the thought his shadow was even more awesome! Once he noticed it...the tricks began!
I guess a flying shadow is the next best thing to actually flying.

And this little baby gets the "most patient" award!! She was adorable and LOVED the costume...especially that thing on her head and that the feathers were attached to it. She didn't try to take off..not even once...riiiiight...
But she did look cute, and she did endure it for 2 whole hours!

Super Elijah had more important things to do than take pictures...he had leaves to collet and bugs to save, and of course a little pouting.
This was as close to a "super hero pose" that I got. It could possibly have to do with the fact that he literally only ate candy and an apple the whole day--just maybe. Obviously, candy does not build big muscles!
After the party at church, we set out to trick-or-treat...we walked up our street a few blocks to enjoy the police barricade! It was SO nice to not have to worry about cars.
At one of the first houses, there 2 made themselves right at home and jumped on their--whatever this is called. Someone was getting a little too possessive and we had to leave quickly...
He LOVES trick-or-treating! And he told us about 200 times while we were doing it.
This one was as proud as a peacock...NOT to be one!
And these 2 were happy that daddy came along...and so was I!

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