18 October 2009

mini me!

Yesterday, I was sewing, and Renée decided to join me. I made shirts and she made a little felt butterfly. After a few minutes of sewing, she said, "Mommy, this is SO fun!" I can't take the credit for teaching her, but I'll definitely keep sewing with her! She actually learned at Mes Ami {the all-girl summer day camp that she went to in July.} Starting so young, she could be a genius seamstress before she even makes it to junior high!

She was SO into her project that when we went to wal-mart, she brought it with her! She sat in the buggy and sewed the entire time. I think I might have to start carrying these with me every time I go!

1 comment:

ArmyWifeLane said...

this is so very sweet. i remember learning at such a young age as well. such a great skill that i really enjoy. i love seeing a little seamstress learning!!