06 October 2009


reneé LOVES hazel, and hazel LOVES reneé! hazel has started to really get into actually playing, and reneé couldn't be happier about it! on this day reneé had a friend over, and hazel did NOT want to miss out on the action...she wanted to be in on everything the big girls did, and reneé was thrilled! it made me happy to see that reneé would stop playing with her bestie to entertain her baby!

i'm sure these 2 will be like this forever! there will NEVER be any fighting, hair pulling, or biting...just like me and my sister. isn't that right, heather?

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melanie, aka Mo said...

Ellie is looking over my shoulder, and I mean in a split second of a glance, she yells, "THAT's HAZEL!"

I LOVE the sister thing right now. Isn't it the sweetest?