07 October 2009

Welcome to Pixie Hallow!

the party you've all been waiting for...was in Pixie Hallow! Ellie turned 3! Ellie is Parker's big sister. You may recognize the banner from this ellie's party {not to confuse the 2!}
Ballon garlands are my new favorite party decoration...so get ready to see more! It was especially hot this day, so several popped!
the little table for the little fairies--with toadstools to sit on! and a few toadstools to eat too.
and the birthday girl, herself! She was SO excited, as you can tell!
these plates are borrowed from the other ellie's party too...i can't wait to use them for elijah's next party!
Each little fairy received wings, shoes, and a wand! I LOVED seeing all the little girls wearing their wings!
the fairies were soon discovered by the pirates!
Captian Hook manned the grill. The littles were left to fight for their own food.
After lunch it was all fun and games...snow cones, magic jelly bean relay, and musical toadstools! And then of course cupcakes!
Such a fun party! We only wish we could celebrate 4 with you!
{she's moving to Idaho this summer, and i'm sad about that}


Mary Martha said...

so amazing! seriously. I love seeing the parties you throw and the things you do. It's awesome.

Jana said...

You're so cute and creative Bre! and your kids really are beautiful.